Fall Webinars for Customers fallen-leaf-emojiOur Customer Success team is hosting scheduled webinars on how to successfully implement the Instructional Management Platform. In each training we will be focusing on a particular aspect of the platform. See the course description below to learn more!

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Initial SetupLearn more about setting text-to-speech accommodations for those students who need it, creating a student for those who registered users manually, and creating student small groups for differentiated instruction

Navigating the CurriculumLearn more about how to use the teacher and student guides for online instruction within each of the instructional routine components, including using tools and additional extensions

Assign AssignmentsLearn more about how to assign digital content to students and what your students experience in the Student Center

Reports & GradingLearn more about how to use the home screen widgets and grade constructed response items

Reteach & Enrich ReportsLearn more about navigating your reteach and enrich data and how to add some custom resources of your own

ItematicaLearn more about creating and sharing content collections and how to create an assessment that’s printable